Academic Studies


In our rapidly progressing and globalizing world, it is observed that there is a change in great many values and different approaches emerge. Henceforth, the education of our teenagers, whom we want to take firm steps  towards the future, requires more significance and attention. In this day and time when changes occur every millisecond, our main goal is to prepare our teenagers for this rapid process with contemporary methods of education.

As"FMV Işık Schools" we aim at  a contemporary and an innovative education for our students.

Within this rapid change, our goal is to raise our students, as well-equipped , self-aware and self-confident  individuals who are well-prepared for today and the future, respecting human rights, and setting a model not only academically but also ethically. In today's world, for one to say 'I exist', they should be qualified with different methods other than the conventional. Students who have communication skills and cultural awareness in addition to their scientific knowledge  and academic acquisition are likely to succeed in life. In our times, academic success is not the only criterion to evaluate an individual. Therefore, in order to be able to say 'I exist', one needs to be involved in intercultural relations by appreciating national and universal values.

In the modern world, where being "different" and "unique"is becoming more of an issue, understanding and communicating with people will only be possible by conforming with innovations and  developments. For this reason,education,its content and methods are being questioned and searched as never done before. As an institution,we have been trying to establish this fact as well as we can by being part of this progress.

Our common goal in Physical Education classes, based on Atatürk's saying ''I like a sportsman to be intelligent, agile and at the same time, ethical,'' is to enable our students to use health supporting knowledge and skills in individual development and daily life, learn about all sports branches and related disciplines, gain self-control, observe and direct their energies accurately, and transfer the concentration they achieve in sports to mental activities.

In-class activities, games and sports competitions support the development of students' psychomotor (strength, agility, speed, etc.) , social (leadership, tolerance, friendship, respect, conforming to the rules, etc.) and cognitive (comprehending, interpreting, inquiring, decision making, etc.) skills. The sports branches we offer in our school are basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, tennis, badminton, table tennis and modern dance. When organizing events, our aim is for each student to gain and maintain knowledge, skills and attitude required to participate in any physical activity within his or her own capacity. In this sense, as the instructors of Physical Education classes, we host wide-ranging competitions every year. This academic year, our school will be hosting the 10th of the annual 100-year-old schools Sports Celebration. In addition, through sports tournaments through the school year, we ensure that students are involved in teamwork and a competitive environment, in which they can apply their sports knowledge and skills.



·         To enable our students to think nationally and internationally by teaching them about Turkish and Western music,

·         To get them to differentiate between various kinds and styles of music by using audio and visual methods, and to improve their music listening skills,

·         To work in collaboration with a disciplined and organized manner in group and individual music practices such as the choir and the school orchestra.

·         To enable students to use the knowledge and skills they gain in music lessons, choir and after school practices (musicals, stage art, orchestra, the violin, the piano) in their social life.


·         To raise students who own the value that Atatürk gave national and international music.

Our music room is designed in a way to hold all musical instruments so that students are able to practise the notes they learn in class, learn about the instruments visually, and have easy access to these instruments. Based on the saying 'Music is the food of the soul'', we aim for our students to discover themselves in a different world by being carried away with the tunes of the notes.

Our school, supporting the belief that art is as important as academic success, provides students with many opportunities. ''Sempre Art,'' which takes place every first Friday of each month during lunch break, is one of these opportunites. During this activity, students work and produce art together using the piano and other instruments at the main entrance hall.


A student needs to live in a cultural and artistic environment in order to develop. To be able to be aware of his or her surrounding is only possible by being actively involved in art. Through the art education given in our school, we improve students' ability to design and we encourage them to be creative and productive. With this aim, besides the scheduled art classes, students meet  at the main entrance hall for "Sempre Arte" event, which is held every first Friday of the month, and produce thematic art work such as banners, masks, posters and similar works of art.

We aim at raising our students as creative, self-confident, positive and caring individuals, who appreciate and own artistic and aesthetic values and understand the place and importance of art in life, and internalize the value given to art by Atatürk . We believe that students' creativity will develop as long as they receive support. In this sense, with the practices we carry out, it is our goal to unearth Picassos, da Vincis or Van Goghs that are hidden in our students.



''The aim of the Ministry of Education is more than simply producing  officials for the government ; its aim is to raise well-behaved, solid, positive, bold , honest, thoughtful, strong-willed , reformist and republican young people who have the ability to accomplish and the power to overcome the obstacles they may encounter in life.''

Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Man is a social being and it is only possible with education to increase his sociality. In this regard, our department plans and actualizes subject matter in line with the following objectives:

·         To increase social human interaction with the environment and the world,

·         To raise youth who internalize Turkish cultural heritage, and Atatürk's principles and reforms,

·         To instruct in a broad array in order to raise caring, ethical, academically honest, inquisitive and productive new generations who contribute to the society; who think scientifically; who follow national and global issues; and who have a place in society by using knowledge gained at school with total awareness of their individuality.

FMV Ayazağa Işık High School Literature and Social Sciences department involves Turkish Literature, Language, History, Turkish Reform History and Atatürkism, Geography, Philosophy Group, Religion and Ethics courses.

Considering that oral communication has diminished due to technological developments in the modern era, the department's main goal is to enable our students to protect our mother tongue, and speak effectively by providing them with necessary communication skills. In this sense, Turkish Literatue and Language courses  harbour  a learner centered attitude with its primary objective being to raise self assured students who can use Turkish effectively and accurately with all the rules of their mother tongue, comprehend and express reading material, possess critical and creative thinking skills, examine and analyze outstanding Turkish and world literature in detail, produce scientific, constructive and original ideas using accumulation of knowledge, gain reading, research, discussion and rhetorical skills and perceive their own abilities and their own creativity.


Besides the academic achievements of our students, in order to help them improve their knowledge in social and cultural fields throughout the education process, field trips, as well as interviews with expert academics, authors and artists are organized. Participation in competitions, debates, symposiums, conferences and seminars that are held in and out of school enables our students to gain an intellectual perspective. The school also hosts and takes active part in various organizations, in which students can come into contact with different cultures.

Students who prepare for the university entrance exam are monitored by screening tests, their weakneses are determined and supported by revision and further tests.

Level teachers collaborate in weekly meetings. Work to be studied in Turkish Literature classes (level, period, author/poet, genre, etc.) are selected in alignment with the IB philosophy. Level teachers  determine and plan the implementation of the literary work, the library schedule, interdisciplinary topics and methods to be used, and support the classes with project work.

Developed according to the particular interests of our students, Press and Media, Theatre, Debate, Enterpreneurship, Geography and Istanbul, and Green Crescent clubs are also a part of our general objectives .

In all of our academic, cultural and social practices we aim at preparing our students for life, for higher education and for the future, and raising well-educated individuals who think globally, who value art, who have a love of reading and writing and who act in accordance with the principles of academic honesty.



With the dynamic, innovative and qualified staff of the Foreign Languages  department, high standard English is instructed in our school,using modern education technology and differentiated education tools. Students are able to speak and write fluently, and they do not only comprehend reading and listening material but also interpret the input. Besides learning English, students also acquire problem solving, and creative and critical thinking skills. They become aware of global issues, provide solutions, and discover different ways of gaining and evaluating knowledge.

Students take part and earn honors in international projects such as MUN, EYP and debates such as ESU Public Speaking. Many of our students have successfully represented Turkey in these projects previously.

Second foreign language is greatly valued at our school and students attend German or French classes, in which they acquire adequate level of these languages to  meet their needs in daily life.

In our school, students' project work is conscientiously supported.

MUN (Model United Nations) MUN is the youth model of the Council of United Nations. It provides students with cultural and social communication skills in international platforms where they discuss global issues.

Public Speaking: It enables students to express themselves in front of the public using fluent English and helps them develop their self confidence.

EYP (European Youth Parliament: It helps raise awareness about global issues. It encourages international mindedness, and the diversity of intercultural dialogues, ideas and methods.

Interact and Rotary CLUBS: These clubs organize student exchange projects working in collaboration and enable students to get to know different cultures.

Exam Preparation Course: It prepares students for the TOEFL and IELTS exams. This course helps students to improve their English level and skip preparation year in national and international universities.

FIT 2 and  Zertifikat DEUCH fur Jugendliche : Students who take these exams may receive German proficiency certiciates at A2, B1 and even B2 level.

DELF: With this exam, students may receive French proficiency certificates at  A2 and/or B1 levels.

Writing Center: Writing centre helps students advance their problem solving and thesis support skills besides encouraging them to improve their writing skills.

In all academic, cultural and social work conducted by the Foreign Languages department, our main goal is to raise our students as individuals who are proficient in English, who can speak sufficient German or French that will enable them to express themselves in a foreign country.




The main target of the Mathematics department is to enable students with abstract thinking skills by means of Maths to contribute to their creativity which they will need throughout their lives. It is a part of the school policy to raise individuals who can solve problems, develop diverse methods and techniques, and are able to keep in mind and discuss the efficiency of these methods and techniques.

FMV Ayazağa Işık High School Maths department aims to achieve the curriculum aims and objectives set forth within the framework of Ministry of Education. To be able to achieve this objective, appropriate methods and techniques are used in alignment with the individual learning requirements of our students. In addition, education technology, such as interactive boards, projection, tablets, geogebra, sketchpad and volframalpha computer programmes are extensively used by subject. Besides the philosophy to raise students who are willing to learn, are attentive in class and revise regularly, it is the aim of our department to get the students to:

·         gain analytical thinking and connecting skills,

·         possess self-confidence in Maths,

·         know what is required in order to defend methods of proof and arguments,

·         interpret data and derive logical conclusions,

·         understand the function of Maths in art and social life besides technology and engineering

·         develop creative solutions to problems, compare existing methods of solutions according to parametres

·         demonstrate abstract and three-dimensional thinking skills,

·         select appropriate Mathematical tools from those that have been learned,


Math League:
 It is centred in New Jersey. High schools, including ours, from many countries around the world take part in this grand international competition with 6 exams in a year.

Maths Algebra Test:
 It is centred in New Jersey. It is held in April every year with the participation of  many international high schools. Our school is one of them.

Pascal, Cayley, Fermat Competitions: Centred in Canada and held by Waterloo University, this competition is for  9, 10 and 11th grade students.

Science Camp:
 It is an event held at Işık University Şile Campus in June.The aim of this camp is to increase the extra-curricular gains of grade 9, 10 and 11students who acomplished in Science and Maths.

Scientific Penthatlon Competition: It is an event organized in collaboration with the school Maths and Science departments. Schools from İstanbul participate in this event with a team of three students and they are asked questions in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Studies.

In addition to these events, the other activities of the Maths department are as follows:

·         YGS-LYS  studies for senior students,

·         Tutorials and study times for other grades,

·         Forming project groups for projects designed by organizations such as TÜBİTAK,

·         Maths competition for grade 9 students.

With all of our academic, cultural and social work, we aim at preparing international-minded, academically honest, life-long learners  for higher education and for life beyond.




FMV ISIK HIGH SCHOOLS Overseas College Guidance Office Services

FMV ISIK High Schools Overseas College Guidance Office is providing tailored services for students aiming to study abroad. Our aim is to help students achieve their academic goals by guiding them through the universities application process and working side by side with the students.

Our Overseas College Guidance Office provides comprehensive knowledge to students and their families on the educational options they have in universities abroad so that they are empowered to make accurate choices. We point out the available academic options in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Holland, Spain and Italy and monitor students as they compile their school lists. The support we provide throughout the application process relieves parents and students from the anxiety that is common to college bound students.

We have specific services for our students in different grade levels (Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12) and provide guidance for summer schools, testing strategies and financial aid procedures as well as for the application process. Finally, we organize presentations to inform all our students and their parents about these services.

We recognize that the satisfaction of our students is the basis of our success; therefore, and our priority has always been to select the perfect fit both in regards to the university and the field of study.

Office Hours: Wednesdays; 09.00 – 16.00
Phone: 0212  286 11 30 (ext: 2208)

Our aim as Guidance and Psychological Counseling Service is, in line with the mission of FMV Işık Schools and the general purposes of National Education; our aim is to help our students to make enough use of the educational environment, to recognize and develop themselves, to gain problem solving skills and to provide them with healthy, mental, social and emotional development.

Based on the idea that education is not only limited to with classroom activities, but also covers all areas of life, guidance activities in our school are carried out on the basis of student-teacher-parent cooperation.

In our school where positive learning environment is created and maintained, guidance and psychological counseling services aim to develop students as "individuals". Developmental and preventive guidance activities are carried out at individual, group or class levels according to need in accordance with the needs which are: These;

High School Prep

 • Orientation studies

 • Recognition of family and students

 • Efforts to support students' academic performance

 • Studies supporting behavioral development

 • Class transition information activities

 • Individual / group guidance work

 • Family counselling

Living Values Program: It is applied in prep classes with the aim of reviewing the concept of "value" with our students and contributing to the realization of these values by the students. Our values are aimed at the use of basic human characteristics of our students; respect, responsibility, peace and ethics. Awareness raising activities are carried out by the teachers in the lessons.

9th Grade

     Recognition of family and students (for new enrollment students)

     Informative activities for promotion to a higher grade

     Supporting studies for behavioral development

     Targeting studies

     Studies to support students' academic performance and school performance

     Self-recognition surveys

     Individual / group guidance work

     Family counselling


10th Grade

     Monitoring the target process and directing to higher education

     Efforts to support students' academic performance

     Informative activities related to the transition to higher education exam system

     Studies to increase attention and motivation

     Vocational guidance activities • Individual / group guidance work

     Family counselling


11th Grade

     Efforts to support students' academic performance

     Target process monitoring

     Studies on the transition to higher education exam system

     Vocational guidance activities

     University and career introductions

     Individual / group guidance work

     Family counselling


12th Grade

·    Efforts to support students' academic performance

·    Studies related to the transition to higher education examination system (information, career and university preference studies)

·    University and career introductions

·    Follow-up of university pilot exam

·    Students will be able to make healthy choices after university entrance exam

·    Family counselling


Among the studies;
Academic achievement tracking and determination of student needs according to the reasons of failure of students
Helping the students who are worried about the exam and dealing with anxiety. Students gain awareness about family, friendship and personal experiences
Application of inventory and questionnaires in order to enable students to recognize themselves and their fields of interest and talent
Guidance on the characteristics of adolescence period, the importance of decision-making and goal-setting, effective study and time management, decision-making and problem-solving skills
Information about substance use, correct use of technology, addiction, rules and responsibilities
Preparing group works and seminars on the subjects needed for students, parents and teachers, and preparing information writing about these subjects
There is a parent school.

In our Guidance and Psychological Counseling Service, which aims at maintaining education and training in mutual trust and sharing, meeting with our guidance (with appointment) counselors will contribute to the education process of our students.

The announcements of the works we organize for our parents are communicated to our parents via e-mail on our website, in the letter of the School Directorate. In addition, the registered parents are reminded by sending an SMS to the mobile phone.

Overseas University Education Guidance
In our school, interested students are given general information and guidance on about studying abroad. The aim of this guidance is to ensure that students who want to study in universities abroad can learn the necessary conditions in a timely manner, to plan accordingly, and to receive education in the best universities they can go attend in accordance with their academic qualifications.

Students requesting detailed information on this subject and requesting support in application procedures are directed to our foreign education advisor. Parents can also contact him on Wednesdays by when they set an appointment.

Preparation Studies for the University
In order to contribute to our students' preparation for university exams, exam preparation activities are planned and conducted in our school. Taking into account the talents, interests and academic achievements of our students, they are provided with the support of Guidance and Psychological Counseling Service.

In addition, individual counseling, group counseling and class sharing are made on the importance of choice of profession and the importance of choice of profession. The importance of success in school lessons is constantly emphasized.
In order to improve students' test-solving techniques and habits, to overcome their deficiencies and to reinforce their learning in the lessons, extracurricular academic support studies and test applications are made held. Individual studies and group studies are conducted according to the needs of the students who are worried about the exam have exam anxiety by the guidance teachers. 

Students who plan to continue their education abroad are followed up to prepare for higher education and support is given to students. Students and parents at all levels except prep classes are informed about the importance of exam system and course success. In the meetings held for the parents of the 12th grade, the exam anxiety, the pre-examination requirements, the recent studies and the information about the exam are shared with the 12th grade parents given.

During the preparation of the exam, the instructors follow the academic success of the students and support them with the cooperation of the student-school-parents. After the exam results are announced to senior students who are supported and assisted in all processes, an individual preference counseling is provided by the Guidance Service at the school. In order to increase the students' motivation and to get more information about their professional goals, vocational / higher education programs are promoted and university trips are organized. Panels are prepared for these subjects.

For success at the University entrance examination:
The students should first carefully examine the information about the system, determine their goals well and decide which point type they will target.

Candidates who have detailed knowledge will be more advantageous. Therefore, students should have a good understanding of the basic knowledge and practice in a correct way; they should plan their time in a way to eliminate their deficiencies.

Academic monitoring and orientation studies will be carried out for our students to achieve their goals. Candidates will be successful when they work systematically. Therefore, our students have the same diligence in all of their courses and the most important is that they continue to school uninterruptedly. It is significant for every candidate who want to attend and lead a successful university education to internalize the high school program.