From School Principal



From  School Principal

Welcome to the website of Ayazağa Işık Primary School, a Feyziye Foundation School.  

Since 1985, when our campus was formed, we have been continuously striving towards higher levels of achievement under the aegis of Feyziye Schools, a foundation linking past to future with a history of over 132 years.

As a school, we have conducted many national and international projects that will enable our students to become a "GOOD PERSON" who, above all, display qualities of honesty, sensitivity, respect and industriousness, as well as being able to think freely, to show creative and entrepreneurial skills, who protects his or her national values, and who is informed about international knowledge and culture.

Işık Schools places great importance on making our students global citizens. By guiding them through many national and international projects, we are equipping our students with the skills to be creative, productive individuals who will be able to have an impact in our future world.

Seeing the way in which community work can enrich individuals' lives, we have chosen projects that make a major contribution to the environment and to society, and these efforts showed us that we had only taken the first steps and inspired us to continue.

This academic year we will also continue "Engelsizsiniz" (Overcoming Diasabilities Project), "I can eat healthily", and "Eco-School", projects that were carried out in previous year and supported with comprehensive work.

During the past year, our students participated in many national and international project competitions. The reached many academic achievements and won many awards. We have been and we will continue to be proud of them and we are sure this academic year will also be the scene of such achievements.

Following the changes taking place in our country's education system, our fourth and fifth graders had a different beginning to the academic year. After evaluating every detail of the system, our qualified staff determined our school's strategy to offer our students an excellent school life in a successful school environment where all technological opportunities are used to advance education.

In our history spanning 132 years of education we have been through many system changes and applied those changes without forgetting the essentials of our corporate philosophy. Throughout this transition period we have valued the trust of our parents and school community.      

The future will be shaped by those with foresight and the drive to continually improve themselves, but it is also important not to forget the past. This is why every youngster should be aware of his or her responsibilities. We have instilled this awareness in our students, knowing that they will be the ones to take over the management of our country and to follow the principles and revolutions of our great leader, Atatürk.



FMV Özel Ayazağa Işık Primary & Middle School Principal