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Mathematical Science is the greatest common value created by human intelligence for society. Its strength lies in its universality. With mathematics, we can control our relationship with the environment, think, see truth, analyze and synthesize. In short, mathematics is life. As the teachers of Mathematics, we help and lead our students to;

• think and research authentically
• produce theories
• share solutions
• focus on targeted work habits and questions
• develop scientific thinking habits to reach the final
• find the best and shortest path to solutions
• be aware of developments in science and technology


Our aim is to educate our students as rational and self-confident individuals who can use scientific thinking in every field and time of life, interpret and question theoretical information and clearly express themselves. In all our classes, we structure our lessons clearly and use various visual teaching materials that both take into account individual differences and learning styles, and make the learning constructive and long-term.

We participate in national and international competitions in order to engender interest in mathematics, encourage working in this field, and contribute to their development from an early age in line with their interests and abilities. In addition to the Ministry of Education curriculum, we aim to prepare our students for university exams at full proficiency level.

Apart from in-class timetabled lessons, we provide presentations and weekly subject tests, one-to-one courses, weekly and monthly trial examinations and weekend courses, all of which help us to provide students with success records and feedback and allow for rescanning of problem topics. We believe that the achievements of our students, both in university entrance performance and success in fora we attend, are concrete indicators that we are on the right track.

In line with the national education curriculum, the science department presents the fundamentals of science education in Grades 9 & 10, and completes advanced science in Grades 11 & 12.   Our students are provided with the opportunity to become familiar with and communicate in the language of science in English, and thus may continue their science education at an international level. In 11th grade physics, chemistry and biology, courses relate back to and build on the knowledge acquired in Grades 9 & 10, and new information is reinforced through university entrance examination question practice.

Thus, we aim to help the students establish connections between concepts rather than learn through memorization. In order to complete most effectively the Ministry of Education program for the university entrance exams, we provide support in the form of weekly and weekend study sessions. These are intensively supplemented in Grade 12.

In addition, permanent learning is ensured by supporting the science courses in our 3D laboratory with applied laboratory studies and interactive course contents.

As a department, our common goal in all courses is to produce individuals who;
• comprehend rather than memorize,
• question and comment,
• approach problem-solving through analysis, observation and reason, and apply these skills in 
their daily lives, 
• work to provide solutions to global problems,
• adapt to developments in this age of information and technology,
• respect cultural and individual differences and use science/reason as their basis for thinking.


 As the Turkish Literature and Social Studies Department at FMV Özel Işık Lisesi, our aims and objectives are as follows:

Raising secular, democratic youth who;

·         are able to to engage in literary criticism in their own unique style 

·         have an deep understanding of national and universal values and a desire to make these the cornerstone of their lives

·         can express their ideas and feelings clearly & accurately both verbally and in written forms.

·          know and follow Turkish and world literature  

·         have discovered their individual talents and interests

·         are informed followers of theatre, cinema and other performing arts.

·         are equipped with  skills in using scientific methods 

·         prioritise human rights and are capable of reading, thinking, analysing and researching.

·         are sensitive to their environment and society  ,

·         are aware of the need to respect individual and social differences and conscious of the role this awareness must play in their lives  

·         aim at playing a role in the improvement and progress of the society in which they live 

With these aims and objectives in mind, we emphasize the importance of technology in our lives, provide examples from our society and raise awareness of the use of technology in modern life. 

Our department makes an effort to raise computer-literate students by using computer-assisted methods. During lessons, students improve their critical thinking skills and formulate their philosophy of life on a democratic platform through discussions, presentations, brainstorming, group work and other methods within the philosophy of student-centered learning.

Within this framework, in Turkish Language and Literature, History, History of the Turkish Revolution, Geography, Philosophy, Religion and Ethics we encourage our students to do projects, assignments and in-class text analyses which will help them to draw parallels between current events and our topics of discussion.

We run campaigns, organise field trips, panel discussions, ceremonies, seminars, conferences, prepare billboards, show films in Travel, Environment, Chess, Culture & Literature, Caricature and Drama clubs run by our department.


Through Art, Music and Physical Education, our students acquire the following skills:

In Physical Education classes;

·         a solid grasp of Atatürk's and philosophers' ideas on the importance of physical education and sport

·         ability to improve muscle-joints and nerve coordination, maintain good posture and knowledge of the basic terms, skills, attitude and habits of sports

·         exploration of and involvement in branches of sports for which they have a talent

·         ability to maintain physical health by doing sports in their free time and a knowledge of the role physical activity plays in general good health 

In school and intramural tournaments, our students learn about fair play, the appreciation of victory and acceptance of failure, confidence building, cooperation, and skill display.

The fundamental aim of our department is to improve the physical and mental health of our students and to strengthen their self-determination. We conduct our lessons in the gym, school yard and on the terrace. Our students seem to be highly motivated in our lessons.

In Visual Arts, and Technology & Design, our students express themselves through art. In Technology & Design, students are involved in artistic practises through research, project design and choice of suitable materials. Meanwhile, we try to raise awareness of environmental and industrial developments. We also allow time and space for ceramics. Our students learn to appreciate works of art by examining pieces  from Turkish and World art.  

In addition to work in pastel, gouache and acrylics on canvas, our students practise printing techniques, paper marbling and the use of recycled materials in three-dimensional works. Through art and culture-based school trips the students have the opportunity to become aware of varied artists and art forms. We also encourage participation in various competitions according to age and talent.

Our department affords talented students the opportunity to express themselves through music, and exposes them to both Turkish and Western musical culture. Our school orchestra is made up of students of piano, organ, guitar, bass guitar, clarinet, drums, percussion, violin, and singers, who perform at ceremonies and present their own show each year. Through developing the ability to express themselves through music, students gain an appreciation of musical performances, knowledge of voice control, and develop their knowledge of music through playing and singing.

In addition, our Music Club affords students the chance to cooperate and support each other in practical work, present their own compositions and thus gain confidence and improve their physical and artistic talent.

The Foreign Languages Department has both foreign and Turkish English language teachers. Its central aim is to put Prep students through their paces in the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and bring them to CEFR B1+ level in preparation for following the high school program.

 With our mission statement in mind, in high school, through exploring literature, we aim to raise our students' awareness and appreciation of international literary works. In helping to provide them with the skills of a thoughtful and critical reader, we try to raise their intercultural communicative competence. Essay writing is our second aim, and progresses alongside our literature work. Our aim is to bring them to CEFR C1 level at the end of their high school education.

Among our aims is also preparation of students for the international TOEFL IBT.  TOEFL IBT is an internet-based test and 4  lessons per week are devoted to practice on computers, alongside classic book work. Each year, we arrange know-how and technical seminars with experts from ETS.  Prior to taking the actual test, students take a practice test at our school and have the opportunity to test their knowledge and level. In TOEFL IBT, scores between 80-120 in the exam help students in applications to universities abroad, and at home ensure that they may skip the Prep year.

In  French, German and Spanish, our aim is to bring students to CEFR A2 level at the end of their high school education. With this goal in mind, students are prepared for the Goethe Zertifikat A2, DELF and DELE exams in German,French and Spanish respectively.  To date, all students who have chosen to enter these exams have been successful. 

 The Guidance Department

 What is Guidance?

Guidance is the psychological help given by professionals to individuals as they attempt to solve problems, make realistic decisions, develop their capabilities, and adapt to their surroundings and other people. The individual explores his/her personal, social, educational and professional life in an attempt to clarify personal and professional aims, and develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. During the process, the individual is accompanied and guided by a neutral and trustworthy guide, the counsellor.      

 The Guidance Department applications are in accordance with the mission of FMV Işık Schools and the rules and regulations of Ministry of Education as well as FMV Child Protection Policy. Student wellbeing is at the core of our approaches and practices. Guiding and counselling entail much more than simply presenting students with ready solutions to problems they encounter. Rather, through mutual sharing, the student and counsellor attempt to first analyse specific behaviours at the root of any disharmony, then discover the reasons for the behaviours, and finally, alter the thoughts, values and attitudes that are causing the behaviour. In the course of this counselling process, conducted of course in a comfortable atmosphere, the student comes to know his/her inner self and becomes conscious of their feelings, thoughts and beliefs. 

The watchwords of good guidance are continuity, dedication, and confidentiality.

Guidance Department Activities

The services we provide are:

·individual guidance and counselling (to students, parents)

·group guidance counselling (to students, parents and teachers)

·Psychometric instruments

·Vocational guidance

·Professional guidance

·Guidance for Preparation to University Exams (YKS)  Planning and executing school guidance work.

·         Providing information about Turkish universities and different vocations,

·         Organising visits to  universities in İstanbul

·         Delivering  career and vocation presentations

·         Referring students who wish to study abroad to the international college counsellor.

CIS FMV ISIK HIGH SCHOOL Overseas College Guidance Office Services


FMV ISIK High School Overseas Counseling Office is providing tailored services for students aiming to study abroad. Our aim is to help students achieve their academic goals by guiding them through the college application process and working side by side with the students.

Our Overseas Counseling Office provides comprehensive knowledge to students and their families on the educational options they have in universities abroad so that they are empowered to make accurate choices. We point out the available academic options in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Holland, Spain and Italy and monitor students as they compile their school lists. The support we provide throughout the application process relieves parents and students from the anxiety that is common to college bound students.


We have specific services for our students in different grade levels (Grades 9,10,11,12) and provide guidance for summer schools, testing strategies and financial aid procedures as well as for the application process. Finally, we organize presentations to inform all our students and their parents about these services.


We recognize that the satisfaction of our students is the basis of our success; therefore, our priority has always been to select the perfect fit both in regards to the university and the field of study.