Culture & Literature, Media & Library Club

You are welcome to join if you…

are a bookworm,

are media literate,

are an intellectual, an observer and a critic,

have a broad perspective on life,

are empathetic,

are a conscious follower of the arts,

are a natural born organiser,

OR you would like to develop any or all of these in yourself!



The activities of the club include:

● Reading and writing

● Inquiring

● Observing and interpreting

● Utilizing newly released works of literature and periodicals about literature, students create a current and informative panel about the modern world of literature

● Creating literature-themed panels for salient cultural, national and international holidays

● Initiating a book collection throughout the school

● Touring museums and libraries with explicit emphases on literature

● Visiting local book fairs

● Overseeing preparations for salient cultural, national and international holidays


The aims for this club include, but are not limited to:

● Introducing the activities of the club,

● Teaching students how to investigate and inquire,

● Preparing students to participate in Turkey's Debate League,

● Participating in Turkey's Debate League,

● Introducing students to the work of famous poets,

● Investigating the origin and tenets of Republics,

● Reviewing the life and work of Ataturk,

● Organizing interviews with prominent local authors,

● Building rapport between teachers and students,

● Selecting poetry to be read during annual Poetry Festival,

● Encouraging students to avail of the library and honing research skills among club members,

● Consolidating feelings of solidarity with fellow citizens,

● Cultivating interest in literature and the arts,

● Helping others by sharing appreciation for literature and extending access to it.

Club Advisers




Our aims include:


-Giving speech and thinking skills,

-Making the students develop individually, socially and culturally,

-Setting the debate consciousness,

-Developing the ability to discuss in a democratic way,

-Encouraging the students to speak freely in front of others and to use their body language correctly when doing so,

-Educating individuals whocan defend their ideas freely, think outside the box and argue in a democratic way.


Our work includes, but is not limited to:


-Club students make team-to-club debates during club hours,

-Club students participate in debate trainings to be held during the school year.

-Club students represent our school in the best way by participating in high school competition debates, which will be held at provincial and district level. By participating in these competitions, it is possible for our students to develop individual, social and cultural awareness at the same time.


Our prerequisites:


-Our club is for students who are researchers, responsible and with effective speaking skills, who are able to think practically.

-Club students will be required to work in collaboration.

-All students are expected to fulfill their responsibilities in line with the specified task distribution.

-If necessary, students will continue work outside club hours.

-Club students should be self-confident, proactive individuals who are capable of researching a wide range of social issues.


In this context, the club students participated in debates among  the 10th class and in the campuses of Isik Schools.


Club Advisors:

İnci Turan

Derya Bilgin                




           One of the most effective ways to create a spirit of solidarity among  people is engaging in the arts, and the most effective force for cultural development within the arts is theater. Hence, one of the cultural activities of an educational institution should be to include young people into theater.

Theater  teaches solidarity to its participants, provides a sense of responsibility that is necessary for community life, challenges oppressive social norms through its content and the empathy it fosters among participants that are expected to assume and empathize wtih the plight of others,  and improves the ability of putting ones thoughts into action.  Moreover, this transformation carries over to the viewers of theatre themselves. It challenges the audiences biases and teaches them to question and make judgments about what is happening in the world, thereby raising society to a common aesthetic and ethical level and descending to the origin of the individual-community relations where it acts as a mediator for enriching the cultural capital of the society.

          Fittingly, rather than a simple act of producing sketches or simplified work, the main aim of our Drama Club is to provide a genuine theatrical experience to both audience and players. For this, we desire to create a repertoire which extends from tragedy to vodvile,from cabaret to theatre play.

The games we have performed so far include, but are not limited to: Eumenides (Aiskhylos), Tanrı (Leyla Erbil), Kaygısız Oyun (Erkut Deral), Macbeth (Shakespeare), Cimri- the Miser (Moliere), Çardaklı Bakıcı (Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu), Bundan Öte bir Dünya (Erkut Deral), Antigone (Sophocles), Gergedanlar- Rhinoceros (Ionesco)…

Club Advisor




Much like those that founded Model United Nations, our MUN Club was established with the expressed aims of: 

        -      Cultivating a sense of global citizenship among participants, 

        -      Fostering awareness among our students regarding international relations and current and/or historic obstacles to development. 

Academic Year of 2008-2009: Our MUN Club participated in its first conference, RCIMUN '09 held by Robert College of Istanbul. 

Academic Year of 2009-2010: Our students attended DSIMUN '10 of Alman Lisesi. 

Academic Year of 2010-2011: Our club attended its first conference outside of Turkey, GEMUN '11 in Genova, Italy. 

Academic Year of 2011-2012: Our students participated in RCIMUN '12. 

Academic Year of 2012-2013: Our club attended two conferences- GEMUN '13 and KabatasMUN '13. 

Academic Year of 2013-2014: Our club was fortunate enough to attend three conferences- IMUN '13 in Rome, RCIMUN '14 and KALMUN '14 of Kadikoy Anadolu Lisesi. 

Academic Year of 2014-2015: Our students particpated in two conferences again- MUNISH '14 in The Hague and RCIMUN '15. 

Academic Year of 2015-2016: Our club was invited to three conferences- MCMUN '15 in Ankara, BIGMUN '16 in Copenhagen and RCIMUN '16. 

Academic Year of 2016-2017: Our students again were fortunate enough to attend three conferences: MCMUN '16, UTMUN '17 of the University of Toronto and RCIMUN '17. 

Academic Year of 2017-2018: Our students attended YeditepeMUN '17, the world-renowned  conference in The Hague, THIMUN '18, and RCIMUN '18. 

Club Advisers 

Catherine Campion (English Teacher) 

Kevin Palmer (English Teacher & Head Club Adviser) 

Debate Clup


This year, saw the opening of Işik Nişantaşi's Debate Club. The aim of the club, in line with the school's vision of raising global citizens, was to give young people practical experience in the fundamental skills of english public speaking. As well as teaching the basic principles of debating throughout the year, students developed critical thinking, persuasive and researching skills. 


Students took part in the 16th International World Schools Debate Tournament in Ljuotmer, Slovenia. This was a great chance for participating students to meet, exchange views and form friendships with their counterparts from a variety of countries and backgrounds. 


Additionally, students took part in the four day ESU debate academy at Işik Erenkoy. The four day workshop coached participants in debate theory before giving them hands on activities and exercises. Students also went head-to-head against competing teams on given debate motions.


Effective communication is vital in a global world and will give students the crucial skills they need in the future. 



As DI Club, this year we prefer to work on Service Learning category again. We wanted to increase the reading habit of the students inside and outside of our  school. We had a meeting with the Library advisors and shared our ideas. We decided to have a reading movement on our corridors to take attention of the other students and make them read with us as well. Also we organized book exchanging events.

We also wanted to have some activities outside of our school and help other students read more. We contacted with Boğaziçi University İlkyar Union and they visited us at school. We had a meeting and talked about what we could do. We decided to organize buy-sell events at school to raise money for the books that we wanted to buy. We had three buy-sell events cooperating with our Parent Teacher Association, our club students' parents and İlkyar Union students. We raised money and bought books chosen by İlkyar Union experts, which are proper for the students development.

After we had bought the books we stamped the books with the name of our school and club. Ilkyar Union students donated the books to two schools in Çanakkale. Then our club students designed and made a decoration, they prepared their costumes and wrote a script for the play they presented in Turkey finals, which took place in Kuşadası. In the end they prepared a board and displayed these activities on the corridors. 


Entrepreneurship is the process of looking around from a different point of view and evaluating opportunities.

Those who think fast, who make right and fast decisions, who have high imagination and strong relationships should be entrepreneurs.

Our students, our entrepreneurs, observe, evaluate, take risks, generate and develop ideas. In academic years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, our students established various companies that had a variety of products such as popcorn, donuts and pencil cases produced. They designed packaging, sold the products and donated the revenue to the Koruncuk Foundation. They had a brand new experience, helping and sharing.

Club Advisors:: Ebru ÇONGAR
                            Serdar KORKUT