School Life


• Female and male students are required to wear black and brown / grey / navy blue (dark) shoes with school uniform and/or presented alternatives.
• On Wednesday we have casual dress practice. Our students should avoid wearing any decollate, transparent, torn and uneven clothes that are not suitable for the school environment.
• Students who do not obey the dress code rules, will be warned first. Students who do not obey the dress code rules despite the warnings and reminders are evaluated in the disciplinary committee.
Students' uniforms sale will be held during the year at IŞIK BUTİK located at the entrance of the Primary C Block.
Opening hours and telephone number of IŞIK BUTİK are as follows:
Weekday opening 09: 00- closing 16:45
Saturday opening 10: 00-closing 14:30
Lunch break 12: 00-13: 00
number (tel) : 3341


  FMV Erenköy Işık Private High School Directorate

                               2018-2019 ACADEMIC YEAR CONDITIONS OF MOBILE PHONE USAGE

Dear Parents,

Dear Students,

Even though it has become an integral part of our daily lives, mobile phones have a negative impact on human health and the academic success of all students if used out of purpose. The application for mobile phone usage followed by our school directorate is summarized below.

We expect our parents to support us on this issue and we hope students to remember that technology is only a tool to make life easier, should not be an obstacle. As an educational institution, we want our students to be conscious users.
1- We prefer students not to come to school with their mobile phones, but for any reason, students who come to school with mobile phones cannot enter the courses with mobile phones. Students should place their phones in a locked /encoded special lockers before the course starts.
2- All the material and moral responsibility of the mobile phones belongs to the student. We cannot accept any responsibility for lost or stolen cases.
3- Students can take their phones from the locked / encoded special lockers in case they are in "an important situation requires a mobile phone". However, they should put their phones back into their personal cabinets and lock them down after use.
4- Students cannot take their mobile phones from the floor where their class is located, and the use of mobile phones without the information of directorate in public areas (canteen, dining hall, gym, garden etc.) is forbidden.
5- It is forbidden to photos and record video or audio with the mobile phones in any area of the school.
If a student do not comply with the terms of mobile phone use:
1- The mobile phone will be taken by the school administration and the parents will be called to the school and phone will be handed to them.
2- The student is warned in written form. The situation of those who act in contradiction with any of the related articles shall be notified to the school directorate by a written petition and the necessary disciplinary action shall be commenced.
Dear Parents and Students,
Our aim is to raise individuals who are conscious about the use of technology and to create a healthier, more successful, peaceful environment in our school.
We would like to thank you for your support our goal.

According to Regulation on Secondary Education Institutions; school attendance is compulsory, in this context, it is very important not to make absences except in compulsory cases.
• The student should inform the school administration about the excuse within 5 working days at the latest after the excuse.
• Students who have 10 days of discontinuity without excuse and 30 days in total, are considered to be unsuccessful regardless of their course points.
• If the days of absenteeism coincide with the date of the exam, student needs take a doctor's report  from a hospital in 5 working days. The make-up exam will be held only once. You will need to forward the originals of your documents to the relevant Assistant Director and inform your instructor about the subject.
• It is your responsibility to follow the make-up exam process.
All students are required to attend each class and event.
• If the student does not attend classes or attends late or leaves early from practices, ceremonies and other social activities without excuse, this situation is evaluated within the frame of "Discipline Department of Secondary Education Institutions Regulation".
• Late arrivals outside the first course hours are deemed to be absent.
• The absence of more than 2/3 of the daily total course hours (6 lessons) is considered as a whole day.