Playing games is an indispensable part of our lives. Pedagogical research shows that the games played as a child improve children's creativity, thinking skills, forward planning skills, directing attitudes and behavior in a competitive environment and problem solving skills.


The aims of the club is to introduce 9 games to students and expand their general knowledge as well as overcome prejudice by travelling the mysterious and entertaining world of math.

1.     SUDOKU

2.     KENDOKU

3.     CONNECT 4



6.     TANGRAM

7.     JENGA

8.     REVERSİ

9.     MANGALA

Press club is run by students who are able to write, draw, read, convey what they read, think, design and share these with their peers and the school community freely. Its main objective is to provide students the ability to express themselves, think and communicate freely.

                The aims can be listed as follows:

• To provide an appropriate setting in an attempt to use the mother tongue Turkish in an effective way.

• To improve students' ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

• To widen their horizon and provide them new point of views.

• To make them respectful and tolerant to individual differences and cultural values, point of views, ideas, understanding.

Club Advisor: Müşerref Ateş

Club Leader: Elif Harput

The club aims to contribute to the students' social development, to teach them concepts like friendship, competition and following rules. The club's other aims include developing students' self-confidence by creating an environment where they can showcase their abilities. While our beginner students learn basic basketball techniques, other students who practice basketball outside of the school, enhance their performance. Basketball club contributes to elevating qualified and sophisticated individuals.

Club Leader:  Sarp Bayramoğlu
Club Advisor: Hüseyin CAFOĞLU

The purpose of Science, Technology and Project Club is to provoke students' curiousity about environmental diversity and provide them with observation skills. Students are able to relate what they learn in club with their lives and acquire research and questioning skills. Having these skills, students comes up with projects to take part in scientific competitions.


Club: Science, Technology and Project Club

Advisors: Meltem HEKİMOĞLU – Çiğdem İMAMOĞLU- Zeynep Tuğba KAHYAOĞLU

The purpose of geography and nature club is to develop a relationship between human and nature and

to raise a generation who searches, knows and cares about the nature.






Watch documentaries and educational visuals for the purpoese of environmental consciousness.

Learn by doing through land works.

Do geographical research and arrange scientific meetings

Make bulletin boards to raise environmental consciousness.

Gather information about environmental pollution and try to make the environment clean by starting campaigns at school.


Club Advisor: Tülin Babal Koçak –Begüm Yılmaz

Club Leader: Sinem Sürmeli

The objective of this club is to enable students to use their voice effectively. Students will be able to make diaphragmatic breathing exersizes to become aware of the breathing process on their body. They will learn about correct stress and intonation in English language and eliminate mispronunciation. The medium of instruction of the club is English. Students will translate scripts from Turkish to English in order to dub and voice-over. That is, dubbing and voice-over will be performed in English. At the end of the academic year, they will voice-over/ dub a documentary and part of a movie.

Club leader: Zehra Timur

Club Advisor: Pervin Keskin

ESU Turkey (English Speaking Union), with the aim of generating a culture of debate in our country, has started to support the trainings and competitions of debate in high schools and universities. The aim of the trainings is to make each participant actively take roles in the works and mini-debates and be able to express themselves in the society. 
Students are trained to be able to express their feelings clearly, improve their critical thinking ability, listen and answer actively, and control their nerves. We, as the ESU Club, are aiming at improving our students' speaking skills in English through both public speaking and debating. Our debate team will be competing with other teams at a tournament between 2-6 March 2016  in Slovenia,  Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer.  The event will be organised by International World Schools Debate Tournament. FMV Erenköy Işık High School will be hosting "ESU Debate Academy Summer 2016 between  9-13 June 2016. This event will be organized by the ESU club and English Speaking Union.

Club Leader: Kerem Durdu
Club Advisors Hülya Özbek – Adam Paget

The basic objective of photography club is to develop a knowledge base for students and support them to come up with their projects of photography. We are gathering the artist, knowledgable people and students together to create a vision. The content consists of training on light, composition, photo-taking tecniques, dark room, etc.


Club Advisor: Hatice Çevik

Football is a type of sport that helps one become a balanced individual in terms of psychology and physical education. The game is played according to a certain set of rules with a great number of players on a field of play.
Football, which is described as "the game of the day", has a special place among the other sports with some certain peculiarities such as; excessive number of players, width of the field of play and its struggle demanding pure athletic qualities. While our students, who newly participated in the club activities, learn the basic football techniques; the students, who do football practice outside of the school, reinforce their technique and increase their performance. 

Club Leader: Marco Demir
Club Advisors: Ekrem BUĞDAYPINARI

Gender equality is the state of having the same rights, status, and opportunities as others, regardless of one's gender. To this end, we aim to raise consciousness both inside and outside club by visiting the other school clubs after developing our own projects.

The aims of the club are as follows:

• Introducing hip-hop dance

• Learning choreographing

• Moving rythmical

• Connecting music and dance

• Boosting self- confidence.

Club Advisor: Sinan Dönmez

Club leader: Serli Karlens Çakıcı

The aim of the club is to motivate students to help people with need all around the world. We aim to raise awareness on social sensitivity along with environmental sensitivity.


Club Advisor: Ebru Kap

Club leader: Müge Türesin Yücel

Debate and culture club brings two different clubs that we think are parallel. These clubs can be defined as follows:

Debate Club:

Debate club aims to improve students' abilities to explain themselves effectively in a world of constant change, question, be respectful to different opinions, defend their own opinions and to make students develop debating ethic. Our main focus is to contribute to personality traits of students' and lead them to participate in competitions held by other schools and to improve their ability to speak in front of an audience by the help of training.

European Youth Parliament Club

EYP Club is a parliament like platform where students discuss issues related with Turkey and European Union and try to come up with solutions to those problems. Then they turn these solutions into drafts to present them in the platform. Students who are eager and successful in these activities join national auditions. If they are successful in national auditions, they can get a change to represent our country in international platforms.  Our focus is to make students aware of the other countries' way of thinking, be respectful to all ideas as future citizens. Therefore, we aim to develop their sense of universal responsibility and awareness.

The Lego Robotics Club prepares kids for First Lego League Tournament. The first Lego League is a robotics program for 9 to 16 year olds, which is designed to create an autonomous robot using Lego Mindstorms set and find an innovative solution to a problem as part of their Project. In addition to that, teams set up a project based on a different themes stated every year. The club aims at increasing enthusiasm in science and technology. Students master life skills by taking part in tournaments where they carry out projects based on robot design and functions. The projects are conducted in two groups: FLL Lego Robotic and FRC Robotic.

Club Leader:  Bora Karabulut
Club Advisors: Özay DİNLENDİ – Hanife KÖKCÜ

We aim to enhance students' skills and provide an environment where they can spend quality time with their friends. Students will acquire the notion of belonging to a team and build self-confidence.

Club Leader:  Elif BAYRI
Club Advisor: Fatma Y. KORKULU

Since its establishment in the year 2007, the FMV Erenköy Işık MUN club has attended 21 International MUN conferences, 27 within Turkey and 12 abroad. At MUN conferences which are simulations of actual UN conferences, students represent various member countries. FMV Erenköy Işık students have always enjoyed active participation in these conferences where various global agenda items are discussed. Through the conferences students get the chance to refine their diplomatic debating skills. 

It is an important achievement to become main submitter of a resolution at an MUN conference. We are proud to be able to say that all of our students were main submitters and one was selected to be entertained at the General Assembly at the 2017 Royal Russell Society School MUN conference (RRSMUN), London, where the majority of delegates were native speakers of English.

In the current 2017-2018 academic year, our club students have participated in four international conferences so far, three of which took place in Istanbul and one abroad. The TIMUN conference organized by Üsküdar American Academy which we have been a devoted attendee of for the 10th consecutive year, was held in December 2017 and was very productive for our students. In March 2018, the MUN club is going to go to St. Petersburg, Russia to join the St Petersburg International MUN conference 2018 (SPIMUN).


We are also planning to attend MUNDP at Koç Schools and RCIMUN at Robert College in April 2018. Finally the last conference which we are going to attend is IMUNA 2018 which will be held in Alkmaar/Holland.

Club Leader: Derin Deniz Bınaroğlu
Club Advisors: İrem Didem Saygan, Betül Özge

The goal of the Orchestra Club is to gather musicians and eager students together to enable them to play music, and to emphasize the importance of team work. Playing musical instruments at an adequate level and being capable of using the voice are some of the requirements in order to participate in the club. Full participation and completing the work on a timely manner are club priorities. Club activities contribute to the cultural and social development of the students. 

Club Leader: Kerem ALPASLAN - Berke Açabey

Club Advisor: Sadettin ADEMOĞLU – Nurdan KAYA

The aim and content of Pilates and well-being club can be listed as follows.

• Introduction to pilates and turning it into a lifestyle.

• Increasing flexibility and body posture.

• Organizing eating habits.

• Boosting self-confidence.

Club Advisor: Gizem Aksu

Club Leader: Ece Aksoy

Objectives of the club can be listed as follows:

Introduction to fitness and turning it into a lifestyle.

Learning to schedule workout.

Organizing eating habits.

Learning types of conditioning workout.

Boosting self-confidence.

Club Advisor:  Halit Gerkuş

Club Leader: Çınar Yurdakul

The aim is to enhance students' productivity and to help them produce artistic works by using information and understanding in line with aesthetic principles without limiting students' style of expression.

Group activities enable students to use various materials and enhance their production oriented skills.


Club leader:  Defne DANİŞMEND

Club Advisor: Nurşen ABDİOĞLU – Gözde GÜRAY

The objectives of chess club are as follows:

• Introducing the rules/ specific rules of chess game and tournaments.

• Chess: from past to today. Having information about the championships.

• Practices to develop strategies.

• Assessing our skills by several applications.

• To take part in internal tournaments.


Club Advisor: Bülent Güner

Club Leader: Deniz Uğurlu

Ever since the foundation of The Drama Club it has achieved great success, thanks to the team's and students' dedicated efforts. The aim of this year is to present a musical play as in previous years. The club members are coming together for rehearsal and this enable them to improve both physically and mentally. Moreover, the club aims to improve students' self-confidence, self- awareness and communication skills.
The play "Yedi kocali Hürmüz" was performed both in our school and on Kartal Hasan Ali Yücel stage in Profilo shopping mall.
In the 2012-2013 academic year the Drama Club performed the musical "Hisseli Harikalar Kumpanyasi" by Haldun Dormen. This achieved great success just like the previous musical.
In 2013- 2014 Academic year FMV Private Erenköy Işik High Schools Drama Club,  performed a play named "Istanbul Efendisi" by one of the classical playwrights of Turkish theatre Musahipzade Celal. In 2015- 2016 they performed "Lüküs Hayat". In 20016-2017 Tosun Paşa musical was put on stage.
The Drama Club will be performing "Devekuşu Kabare-Aşk Olsun" for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. 

Club director: Cengiz Çevik

Club Leader: Derin Su Aslan
Club Advisor and assistant director: Hande Kara

The aim of volleyball club is:

• to introduce and popularize volleyball.

• to get to know volleyball court and rules

• to learn basic tecniques.

• To work on strategies to play.

• Organizing tournaments.

Club Advisor: Sevinç DENİZ UYSAL

Club Leader: Çağdaş Ekin Şimşek