Activities and Projects


We have Dr. Serkan Karaismailloğulları as a guest speaker on his book 'Beyinde ararken bağırsakta buldum.' On January, 18.

We have visited Devrim Erbil in his atelier to popularize art.

On January 17 we do not use plastic glasses for one day to reduce our contrıbution on global warming.

Our student Sera İzer from Science 1 A class has taken the first place in Active Painting Competition held in Eyüboğlu Schools.

Our students Emin Alp Baştan has taken the first place in MEB İstanbul Youngsters Swimming Championship. 

Grade 10 students have visited HİSART Live History and Diorama museum. They are introduced the museum collection.

Some of the students from grade 9 and 10 have attended TED İstanbul National Forum.

Photography club has visited Osmangazi Primary School to carry out a community service event and teach students how to take photographs.

Science 4 students present their senior year projects in multi- purpose hall in guidance with their advisors on January, 11.

As part of photography club, Ali Ihsan Gokcen, who is working as a freelance photographer for National geographic, Atlas magazine, Skylife magazine, has visited our school on 27.12.2017. He has conveyed ideas on light and nature photography. 

We have had psychiatrist writer Engin Geçtan as a guest in our bull session on 27 Aralık 2017 and discussed about his book: Hayat, a book with philosophical content along with success, money, values, transparency, discipline and responsibilities…

The theme of this year's conference is 'Climate change and its effects'. As part of the theme, short movie competition winners has received their awards.

Our 9th and 10th grade students have represented the school successfully in the conference held by Enka Schools lasting for four days.

Exam anxiety and self-efficacy seminar has been held by psychology and guidance department as part of parent development atelier on December, 18. Topics such as psychological approaches to exam anxiety, the reasons of exam anxiety among teenagers, strategies to reduce anxiety have been discussed with the participation of Asst. Prof. Cigdem Bagci Hemsinlioglu.

Since its foundation Işık schools maintain their mission 'to raise good people'. We continue to raise a generation who believe in Ataturk's principles and reforms, give importance to art and sport, question the things they are taught, defend their ideas, be respectful to different ideas, have connections with their nation and country, have strong ethics. 

Annual alumni gathering has been held on December, 17.

The competition is held annually with the participation of students from Işık schools. This year's competition is run in Ayazaga campus and 3 students from Erenkoy campus have been awarded.

The objective of this year's symposium is 'Upon the relationship between history and literature'. Scholars from various colleges and the writer Ayşe Kulin have attended the symposium to flourish the topic regarding history and literature relationship and history in a writer's perspective.

Our students from art and sports clubs have had 9 students from Mediha Turhan Tansel Special Education and Job application School as a guest. After attending visual arts and music activities, they have played basketball with our school team. We have all enjoyed each others' company and hope the cooperation lasts longer.

Fen1A student Deniz Uğurlu has taken the first place among all global users of Achieve 3000, differentiated reading education application, with his reading achievement in weekly reports.

14 students of MUN club have represented our school successfully in DENMUN on December 8-11. Students have been awarded due to their outstanding performance: Koray KARADUMAN as The Best Delegate, Can ÜSTERTUNA and Jülide ENDEROĞLU as The Outstanding Delegate, Ece ERKMEN ve Derin Deniz BINAROĞLU as Honorable Mention. 

For the purpose of raising people who can analyze and evaluate the information they get, FMV Erenkoy Işık High School and Science High School aims to start Information Literacy program. On November 24-25 pre-test study has been conducted by our library specialist Sevgi Arıoglu to get information about students' knowledge.

The program consists of 4 courses and aims to improve students' research and presentation skills.

9th grade students İnci Julide ENDEOGLU and Zumra GURZEL have shared their understanding of the book 'Mecburiyet' by Stefan Zweig with their peers and teachers on December, 7.

In cooperation with ESU Turkey Organization, students are trained to debate effectively by trainer Barbara Svagan on December, 12. After the training, students have split up and debate on a topic to apply what they have learned.

FMV Erenköy Işık High School Robotic Club 8001 LIGHT-BOT FRC team has attended FRC Off-season Turkey competition and represented our school successfully. The team has taken the fifth place among 54 team in the first day elimination and has able to attend the finals as reserve. 

Students from 11 IB D and 10 IB E, 10 C, 10 A has participated and performed successfully in the conference.

Ous school has won the most unusual design award in JPL Invention Festival organized by İstanbul Bilgi University on December, 2.

Students have visited CERN and are informed about particle accelerator, neutrino, matter-antimatter, Higgs boson by invaluable scientists working at Cern, Sinem Sahin and Candan Dozen. 

Psychology and Guidance department has made a presentation on December, 22 on 'School starts on the bus and finishes on the bus' with the aim of presenting school bus responsibilities.

Psychology and Counseling department has informed students about the details of the changes made by Mone. (November, 21)

Study Abroad Counselor Ceren Yucad has conducted a seminar on November, 21 aiming to inform parent about studying abroad regarding planning process: the application procedure, application conditions and details to pay attention.

The aim of this trip to raise students' awareness on adopting animals. Students have donated food and blanket besides making posters to point out the issue 'do not buy: adopt!'.

Under the guidance of geography teacher Tülin Babal Koçak students have visited Rahmi Koç Museum on November, 14 for the purpose of getting information about industrial revolution and observing the change the machines have undergone.

As part of Parent Development Atelier, the school has invited Education specialist Sadık Gültekin to give a seminar on 'Changed Exam System and things to pay attention.'  (15.11.2017)

On the 79th anniversary of the loss of the Founder of Turkish republic and the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, we are gathered on November, 10 to show our gratitude and commemorate his ideas. Although his body does not exist anymore, we will always keep his ideas alive.

The seminar organized by psychology and guidance department education has had specialist Sadık Gultekin as a speaker. The speech has been on 'Focusing on target, strategies for success, changed exam system' on November, 11.
Students from 10 IB-E have visited Works of Women Library in an attempt to raise awareness on woman and gender issues. The presentation given by Aslı Davaz, who is the founder on library, has served our purpose very well.

Pschology and guidance teacher Nazan Urgen has given a speech on 'I am both a high school student and a teenager.' With the intent of informing parents on issues such as the effects of school life on teenagers, potential problems, the effects of parents attitudes towards teenagers and effective communication with teenagers.

We have visited the house once Sait Faik Abasıyanık lived and now used as a museum as part of our reading sessions. (28.09.2017)

5 of our students have attended ESU Debate conference and Turkey debate team selections on November, 21. Students get training from specialists on debate in contemporary world.

6 students of MUN Club has attended RRSMUN on October, 14-17 and have represented our school successfully. The committees students have attended are as follows: disarmament and national security, independence, economy and finance. 

As part of republic day events Serhan Güngör, a war-field specialist and tour-guide, has been invited to give a speech on the occasion. The speech named 'Tracing independence war' has included following subtopics: historical geography of independence war, wars in west front line and their effects.

In order to inform students about various sources to use in our library collection supported digital database, a training has been provided.

Defne Canlı has become the champion on Dressage P3 Category.

Thesis advisors of IB Program has got training on extended essay workshop on the procedure of academic writing. 

30 students from IB classes has made a trip to Narköy Organic Farming and Training Farm in an attempt to raise awareness on climate change.

12 students of MUN Club has represented our school at ITU MUN conference.

10 IBE students have been given a workshop on IB Extended essay on September, 21-22.

FMV Özel Erenköy Işık High School and Science High School 2017 – 2018 School year has started.

Our library specialist Sevgi Arıoğlu has made a presentation on Learning Without Borders conference held in America.

Taking into account the importance Ataturk gave on sports, we have organized a race in memory of Ataturk. Below students are placed in competition.

High School girls:

Selin YILMAZ 1.

Nefin ZENGİN 2.

Deniz MERİÇ 3.


High School boys:

Derin Deniz BINAROĞLU 1. 

Başar YILMAZ 2.

Kayra AKMAN 3.


Middle School Girls:

İpek MERİÇ 1. 

Mayra Su METE 2. 

Ceren KORKMAZ 3.


Middle School Boys:

Baran ÖZGÖREN 1. 

Bera YILMAZ 2. 

Sabri Eren BAYRAMOĞLU 3.