My Dear Students,

I am very happy and excited to welcome the 2018-2019 Academic year together with you. As an educator who is in her 23rd year on the job, I have always felt excited at the beginning of every school year, but I feel a different kind of excitement this year. During my tenure at FMV Işık Schools, I have served as English teacher, head of foreign languages department and coordinator of the International Baccalaureate programme. Today I am honored to have entered a new phase in my career as the principal of FMV Işık Erenköy High School and Science High School. However, make no mistake; what fills me with happiness and pride every morning when I walk through the doors of the school has never been the titles that I have come to carry over the years. It has been and always will be the simple fact that I am in the profession of "teaching".


My Dear Students,

Teaching is not a job where individuals, who are in absolute authority and who are the sole holders of knowledge, transfer that knowledge to unknowing individuals. I think that learning with you, asking you questions is more important than getting the answers most of the time. I care about being a friend who inspires you and walking together with you in your education adventures. With those beliefs and thoughts, I look forward to setting off on this precious journey with confidence one more time under the roof of our 133 years old Foundation together with all our students, teachers, parents, administrators and support staff.

Our family grows with each new academic year. I also want to congratulate all our new students and welcome them to Işık Family. They have successfully completed a long and difficult examination process.  They maintained their determination all along the way and never gave up. I have no doubt that we will help each other forge ahead in our challenging journey.


Our Dear Alumni,

We have always believed that you will enlighten the future with Işık culture and with the values that you acquired in this family. You have also made us proud by completing this special and crucial period in your lives. Our students who are placed in domestic universities have struggled with a continuously changing admission system. Aside from working relentlessly, they have shown great maturity and demonstrated successful crisis management skills. All of our students who are placed in foreign universities are now in schools in top 15, top 20 and top 50 of world rankings.  All our graduate students both in national and international platforms made us proud with the scores they received and the universities they are admitted to. I congratulate them wholeheartedly and wish them continuous success.


Dear Işık Family,

Our evolving scholastic journey might very well prove to be more critical than all our previous journeys as individuals and also as an institution. Together, we must strive to make this journey a journey about progress, enlightenment, respect, empathy, peace and tolerance against all the odds prevailing in our country and in the world. We should not allow domestic or global political, social, economic or environmental problems to deter us from achieving our full potentials as "good" human beings. However, the times are not the time that we can let our worries to keep us from realizing ourselves.  On the contrary, everyone in the Işık Family needs to hold their heads high, take a deep breath, and keep on trying harder than ever before, setting goals and working relentlessly and tirelessly towards those goals.


When we examine history, we see that obstacles have always existed for the human kind. However, we are a strong community who can overcome such obstacles. We, as a nation, overcame tremendous obstacles before. We, as the children of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a unique leader who never gave up and who set great goals for himself even under impossible conditions, need to be aware that we possess the inner power necessary to achieve our goals and we should be ready to demonstrate this power even under the most adverse circumstances. We should never forget how Atatürk led the nation and established the Modern Republic of Turkey amidst the ruins of an empire collapsing with all its institutions and values. His enduring inspiration should empower us to turn every obstacle on our way to an opportunity.


Dear People of Erenköy Işık,

Don't forget that we are always together on this academic journey. I, as your principal, my colleagues in administration, all your teachers and your esteemed parents are walking shoulder to shoulder with you on this journey. You shouldn't forget that those who walk alone may walk faster but those who walk together with their friends will go further.


I absolutely believe that we will reach those bright, successful and happy days in the future. I embrace every one of you with these feelings, thoughts and wholehearted love, and wish us all another healthy, happy and successful year.


Best Regards,




FMV Private Erenköy Işık High School / Science High School