From School Principal


Dear Parents and Students,

We, the Işık family, along with our entire staff are excited to begin the new academic year by further developing and renewing ourselves. We know that ​​personal development is central to a good education, by closely monitoring and applying both scientific and technological advancements with an academically equipped and dynamic teaching staff, we will be able to achieve this together. We are progressively moving forward with this academic philosophy in mind.

Işık Schools are leading institutions which stand out with a philosophy of education consisting of acting in accordance with modern sciences and students' needs. We are aware that education is a dynamic and strict process which is shaped and formed by opportunities and objectives over the span of time in which it takes place. Accordingly, the topic of technological advancements brought forth in the 21st century is an undeniable fact and plays a vital role in education today. However, we continuously reflect on the most effective ways of implementing this technology responsibly for the enrichment and delivery of our curriculum.

In modern times, the real learning takes place after school. Students, through the use of various technological resources, are able to reach desired information that they seek in abundance. In an age where technology is intertwined with the daily lives of students, the clear presence of certain matters, are needed to be assessed by educators. Foremost among these matters is the requirement to establish a balance between the needs and desires of students, and for us to properly convey the information to the students which are necessary for their respective educations.

When we look back at older times, the act of learning took place in schools alone, and looking even further back we can see that just being literate was accepted as being educated. Currently, we find that learning goes well beyond the limits of the time spent in class, and it has been transformed into a process that continues throughout a lifetime. Accordingly, the definition of learning and the culture of learning have also undergone changes. What needs to be done at this stage is to come to terms with the emergence of new learning and teaching cultures in education. We, the Işık family educators, are fully aware of our duties. We are keeping up to speed with the newest educational models and technologies in a diligent manner and keeping up the pace with our students, by assuring that we speak the same language.

We know that technology is just a tool used to achieve a goal. The tools will always vary, but the goal will remain the same. Our main goal is not merely reaching the information but using the information attained properly, and in doing so, creating critical thinkers with the ability to transfer knowledge effectively. Besides the previously mentioned skills and attributes, all of our students are educated to be competent in foreign languages, arts and sports related activities, and able to prove themselves capable in their social lives… A successful and modern generation of Işık students.

We will build upon the foundations laid by the parents of our students, guided by our policies and principles. I'm proud of our kids already.

Kind regards,

Sibel Sagner
FMV Erenköy Işık Primary - Secondary School Principal