Our Educational Policy


FMV Erenköy Işık Schools, whose guiding principle is to first and foremost, "Raise good citizens", aim to incorporate its established educational background into the necessities of the 21st century, and to educate students under the leadership of universal values.

Our students are encouraged to internalize basic values, to express their feelings and opinions freely within the framework of democratic rights, and are also offered opportunities to familiarise with different cultures while recognising the aspects of the culture they belong to.

The teaching methods are in collaboration with interdisciplinary teaching methods.

It is aimed to raise individuals who possess analytical skills and take the initiative. Therefore; the students' interests, abilities, skills and individual characteristics are taken into consideration in order to develop their practical, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Considering students' learning styles, varied visual and auditory information technologies, which are appealing to multiple senses, while obtaining information.

It is also aimed to raise individuals who have a good command of their mother tongue and are efficient in more than one foreign language.

Besides the classroom environment, in order to enable students to learn by doing, varied learning environments are also provided.

Students are provided with a democratic learning environment to enable them to express themselves freely, ask questions without hesitation, emphasize cooperation, and compete with themselves instead of competing with their classmates.

Our primary objective is to educate our students to become worthy and well-rounded human beings. Therefore; students are encouraged to enhance themselves not only academically but also socially, emotionally and physically.