Activities and Projects


During "free time activities" our students play games according to their plans that are found in our interest centers in our classrooms. Our classrooms have areas with educational activities including play blocks, play house and creative art. After our students plan the games they would like to play, they proceed to playing those games. After activity time the students will take part in clean up time, which includes cleaning up, and putting away all toys and materials. Furthermore, free time activity provides opportunity for educators to assess and analyze the natural behaviours of children in their natural environment.

During "Turkish language activities", various stories, fairy tales and narrative stories are read, explained and acted out in order to promote and support the language and social development of our students. Also, by doing activities that provide opportunity for our students to expand thoughts on a specific topic, come up with new ideas, problem solve, increase reading comprehension. The cornerstone and foundation of this type of teaching is for our students to be able to utilize their mother tongue in an effective and articulate manner.

"Drama activities" include a variety of activities that will allow our students to realize their emotions and thoughts and to be able to comfortably express their emotions

"Art activities" include activities that allow our student to develop fine motor skills using their creativity, working with materials, painting, utilizing construction paper and kneading materials

"Reading and preparing for writing activities" include activities that will ease the transition of our students into elementary school. These activities can be summed up with the following headings:

  • Visual perception activities (hand – eye coordination, figure-ground segregation, shape fixity, position in space, spatial relationships).
  • Hearing perception activities (listening, talking, discriminating between sounds, matching sounds to objects or the pictures of the objects).
  • Attention and memory activities
  • Understanding basic concept activities
  • Problem solving activities
  • Increasing fine motor skills
  • Activities to develop self help skills
  • Activities to develop confidence and independence


"Science and math activities" develop our students observation and experiment abilities, ability to comprehend the why and how connection, problem solving abilities, and develop their curiosity emotions.

"School yard activities" are specifically intended to increase physical development of our students by playing games in the schoolyard everyday (with the exception of rainy days).

In order to make the education and learning process throughout the year more enjoyable, healthy and long lasting, "field trips" are planned according to the MEB (Ministry of Education) guidelines and observations. These field trips are carried out with the permission of both the District Education Directorate as well as the permission of the guardian of the student.