2013 - 2014 ACADEMİC YEAR



Kindergarten Orientation Program

02 - 06 September 2013

2013-2014 Start of the School Academic year

09 September 2013

İstanbul's Independence

06 October 2013

Feast of the Sacrifice

15-18 October 2013

Republic Day

29 October 2013

First term holiday

18-24 November 2013

First day of the second term

25 November 2013

New Year's Day

01 January 2014

Mid-Semester break

27 January-09 February 2014

First day of the third term

10 February 2014

National Sovereignty and Children' s Day

23 -24 April 2014

Spring break

28 April-04 May 2014

First day of the fourth term

05 May 2014

Labour Day

01 May 2014

Youth and Sports Day

19 May 2014

2013 -2014 End of the School year

20 June 2014

The 2013-2014 academic year comprises two 4 year old, four 5 year old, six 6 year old and a mixed 4-5-6 age group classes, for a total of 13 classes.

The 4 year old classes comprise 12, 5 year old classes comprise 18, 6 year old classes comprise 20 and the mixed aged group comprises 20 students.

Our schools education hours are between 08:00-16:00.

FMV Ozel Ayazaga Isik Kindergarten education program was developed with an eclectic approach by investigating various educational systems and theories, and a play-based program has been developed taking into account our cultural values. Our daily edcucation program consists of Turkish language activities, English language activities, art, readiness to reading and writing, GEMS (maths and science activites), cooking, creative drama, ORFF music activities, garden activities and family participation and projects. In addition school excursions are undertaken each month, enriching the program.

At our school, the academic calendar comprises of 4 terms, as approved by the Ministry of Education. Accordingly, the school year comprises of 180 working days. Our school is all day, with education and activities between the hours of 08:00-16:00. Students are required to be at school no later than 09:00 and leave no later than 16:00. In addition, a half day program for 4 year olds, between the hours of 08:00-13:00, is implemented.
02-06 September 2013 Orientation week

  1. Term 1

Monday, 09 September 2013 – Friday, 15 November 2013

Term holiday
Saturday, 18 November 2013 – Sunday, 24 November 2013

  1. Term 2

Monday, 25 November – Friday 24 January 2014
Mid-year Holiday
Saturday, 27 January 2014 – Sunday, 09 February 2014

  1. Term 3

Monday 10 February 2014- Friday25 April 2014
Term holiday
Monday 26 April 2014 – Sunday 04 May 2014

  1. Term 4


Monday 05 May 2014 - 20 June 2014
School Attendance
Students should attend school regularly and should arrive and leave on time. In case of illness, parents should report the situation to the school.
In addition, unless there is a major excuse, parents should ensure that students arrive to school on time to ensure the smooth operation of the educational program.
If for any reason a parent needs to pick up their child before the end of the day, a permission slip from the school managements need to be obtained.
Parents should not wander the school's corridors without an appointment.
For the safety of our students, an "exit card system" is applied when parents are taking their child from the school.
A free dress code applies in the kindergarten. For this reason, kindergarten students should wear comfortable clothes (trackpants, shorts, etc.).
Nutrition and food is catered for by the "SOFRA GROUP" and is prepared in the school's kitchen under the Scolarest brand. They can be contacted by telephone number 0 212 286 11 30/2232.
Breakfast : 09:00 - 09:30 (Open Buffet)
Lunch : 11.50-12.30 (1st Group)
12.40-13.20 (2nd Group)
Afternoon snack : Between 15:00 -15:30
Our school is provided with service buses by "Cinar Tur Tourism". They can be contacted by telephone number 0 212 286 1130/ 2506.
Students that come to school by service bus are handed over to their teacher by the service hostess. At the end of the day the students is handed over to the service hostess.
Student's clothes should be clearly labeled with their name using a marker that won't wash off. Lost property that is not claimed will be kept in the lost property cupboard. In addition, all belongings should also be labeled.
Notes sent to parents should be reviewed in a timely manner, and if required, signed and sent back to the classroom teacher. Messages will be sent via email and sms
For us to communicate with you, changes to address, telephone and email should be notified to the school's administrative officer Seycan ATAR telephone number 0212 286 11 30 – 2400 or fax number 0212 286 33 47. Emails can be sent to
Thank you.


 The purpose of teaching forieng languages at FMV Ayazağa Işık Kindergarden  is to give our students an international communication language "English" and to make this first experience enjoyable,  and encourage our children to learn foreign languages. Our starting point is to improve the sensitivity of the mother tongue of young  students, and our children to feel the presence of a language other than Turkish,and  be willing to communicate in that language.

"Music and Orff" activities with our students allow them  to learn the importance of music in human life, support their sensory development and intend to educate intelligent and sophisticated  potential future audience. Orff is being used on a daily programme as it supports children with their music, movement and language development.

Main purporse  of "Visual Arts" activities is to ensure that the students feel happy with themselves, and that they learn and procude things in an enjoyable way based on their individuals qualities.

"Physical education" activities allow students to realise their talents by taking the first step into physical fitness, and increase their awareness to sense of life and skills of sport.

The purpose of "Chess" is to provide students to make planned moves, to be fast, to think accurately and quickly ,to follow rules, to play friendly, to accept losing, and to learn to congratulate the winner.

"Modern Dance" activities aims for students to have hand and foot coordination, with the presence of music to be able to form different figures in dance and develop their self confidence.

Pre-school education plays a large role in children's school life, in social communication and intellective skills. It is a scientific fact that development and learning is most intense and quick between the ages of 0-7.


Guidance and Counseling unit

Preparing developmental perspectives in the kindergarden

1.       Supporting adaptation to school, individual educational support and follow up of individual differences.

2.       Education and developmental evaluation.

3.       Monitoring behaviour and adjustment problems.

4.       Family counseling.

5.       Preventive-supportive guidance (groupwork, individual interviews, individual recognition studies, boards, newsletters, seminars and conferences with experts etc.) gives your children efficient development and helps in the five key areas of service.


In order to achieve the above objectives co-orperation between parents and the Guidance unit has a great importance. Thats why parents  who observe their children outside of school and follow them closely in every moment of their life are an integral part of this process.

To exchange information, get answers to your questions without waiting for a problem to occur, call the Guidance and Counseling unit to get an appointment.