Vision - Mission - Aims and Objectives




Our Mission
Illuminating the past and the future through education



Our Vision 
FMV Işık Schools is an institution whose primary guiding principle is to 'raise good citizens'.
In fulfilling this, our mission is to strenghten and promote in our students;


  • knowledge of and self-expression in both their mother tongue and foreign languages.
  • tolerance of otherness, historical awareness, academic mind set and analytical social skills.
  • awareness of and sensitivity to the environment, and internalization of a set of ethical values.
  • development of their individual talents in the arts, sports and literature.
  • consciousness of the need for lifelong learning in an ever-changing world.


In line with the principles of Atatürk, we aim to do the following;


  • Foster appreciation and mindfulness of the differences, rights and needs of others
  • Promote internalization of the democratic values of human rights, tolerance and peace
  • Create a sense of responsibility towards society and the environment, and the decision-making skills to guide them in fulfilling this.
  • Provide for fluency in at least one foreign language, coupled with the notion that difference enriches
  • Engender respect for local and world cultures to help in their development as versatile individuals who see themselves as world citizens
  • Provide a solid foundation for development of digital citizenship skills
  • Emphasize the need for integrity in all academic endeavors
  • Assist in putting learned knowledge into practice through experience, and support creativity 
  • Promote experiences in arts, sports, social and academic activities, both nationally and internationally 
  • Help develop self-awareness, to enable good decisions and choices for further study and adulthood