From School Principal


Dear Parents,

We welcome you to Işık Schools where our mission is to 'Raise good people' and convey our 132 years of experience in education to younger generations.  We hope you have a happy year.

At our internationally accredited schools we prioritise identifying and developing the potential of our students. We provide rich options to enable socio-cultural achievement along with academic achievement and raise new generations of 'Işık' students.

Our Erenköy Campus, is unique in allowing students to experience living in a natural environment. Our kindergarten students play with clay, sand and water. Our students realize their potential not only with the technological facilities provided on campus but also the opportunity they have to explore using natural materials. Furthermore, we organize monthly trips which give students the opportunity to learn about the environment and different cultural values as well as develop their social skills.

On our campus we value cross-curricular cooperation, abide by the principle of continuous education and consider the duration from kindergarten to high school as a whole. Accordingly, all kindergarten students use campus facilities including the library, science-math and computer laboratories, art-music workshops, the swimming pool, the gym, the chess classroom and planetarium based on their daily schedules.

We value English education at all levels, starting from kindergarten and make a difference as 'Işık' schools. Our students learn English through real life daily routines rather than traditional methods. English is delivered by two teachers; a Turkish English teacher and a native speaker. With this approach, we see a development in our students 'adaptation to a foreign language and an acceleration in the learning process. Our teaching policy is based on games. Therefore, our students enjoy learning through games and discovery based on their interest areas. Our slogan 'Games are guaranteed every day of the week' has been internalised both by our teachers and students.

We welcome you to our schools where we aim to prepare our students for a global world whilst preserving traditional values and where the 'Işık Culture' is prevalent. We wish you all success.

FMV Özel Erenköy Işık Kindergarten Principal