From School Principal


Dear Parents,

I would like to express my excitement and joy over the opening of our new Ispartakule Campus which has joined to the FMV Işık Schools in the academic year of 2014-2015.

Education, in general terms, is a process of nurturing pupils for their particular purpose. School constitutes the most important part of the education process. FMV Işık schools is an educational institution of 130 years and provides schooling starting from kindergarten to university. It aims to contribute to the national education, create an education environment where administrators, assistant staff and parents have positive interaction, open paths to personal development.

At FMV Işık Schools, teachers have the most significant value as we believe competency of teachers directly effects the quality of the education. To this end, the emphasis is on the selection of teaching staff in our new schools during educational planning. A significant portion of the teaching staff has been selected from our existing staff working in our other campuses. Additionally, we followed a vigorous selection process, paying special attention to the new teaching staffs' field of knowledge, general culture as well as their teaching ability.

Each stage of education has a very important role in the development of the individual. However, pre-school, being the first stage of education has more significance than other stages. During this stage of education, children's mental, emotional, and social and language development is completed substantially. During this period, the co-operation of parents and the school has a positive effect on the success of the student along with the school.

I wish the academic year of 2018-2019 to be a successful year, working collaboratively with our parents.

Best regards,

Ülkü Uzun