From The Principal


Dear Parents,

Dearest Students,


We are proud to be the youngest member of Feyziye Mektepleri Vakfı Işık Schools. As a part of our 133-years of existence, FMV Ispartakule Işık High School and Science High School aims to raise generations; socially skilled, strong and confident world citizens protecting human rights, being modern, secular, democratic and having analytic thinking skills by using the most recent teaching approaches and methods.

Our fundamental goal is to have our students gain individual, national and international values, and academic knowledge by current approaches; supporting these values by doing social activities like arts and sports.  

Additionally, we have targeted to create an educational atmosphere in which students are able to display their potentials in the most efficient way. One of our objectives is to make our students open-minded, well-balanced, socially responsive, critical thinkers, adopting Ataturk's principles and good people. We believe that our students will be good citizens and also good world citizens who endeavor for a better world by taking advantage of the opportunities which our school has provided for them.
We are proud to be a part of the first education foundation that started teaching foreign languages in preparatory classes, instead of teaching Arabic and Persian as the other schools would do, teaching more modern subjects like philosophy, sociology, logic and trading as well as establishing co-education, in which both genders are provided education in same classes. 
In our well-established campus 133-year-old high school and with the awareness that each child is unique, from the very beginning, we have aimed to create an atmosphere in which our students fulfil their potentials competently and have their own success stories. 

Always in the light of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his principles,




School Principal