Model United Nations of Alkmaar MUN

Congratulations to our Ayazağa Junior Model United Nations Club students for their excellent performance at the Internation Model United Nations of Alkmaar MUN conference from 8-10 June 2018. Our group of 13 students from grades 7 and 8, under the leadership of our JMUN teacher Victoria Güçel, represented the Russian Federation. Our students debated important global issues in English with high school students from around the world, and their hard work was rewarded with the following honours:

-       3 Main Submitters: Human Rights Commission, Sustainable Development Committee, General Assembly 3

-       12 Co-Submitters: Environment Committee, Special Conference 1 x 2, Sustainable Development Committee x 2, General Assembly 3, World Education Forum x 2, Human Rights Commission x 2, Disarmament Commission, General Assembly 4

-       11 passed clauses: General Assembly 4 x 3, Economic and Social Council, Securiy Council x 5, Special Conference 1, Special Conference 2

Well done to the JMUN Club students for representing our school at such an amazing international organisation.